CIN: U27310WB2011PTC160845

Human Resource

The Company recognizes that a talented and engaged workforce provides the quality and skills that create competitive advantage. The Company believes that it must continue to invest in developing and retaining key talent to drive innovation and efficiency within the business.

The Human Resource Management Department's processes and initiatives are aligned to meet these objectives and promote a culture of maintaining a happy, healthy and motivated workforce.

Our culture is shaped by our values which lay emphasis on safety, quality, customer centricity, continuous improvement and excellence. 

The Company believes that employee engagement is a key factor that drives performance. We have been assessed as an "Engaged Workforce" with high scores in safety & customer consciousness, openness & transparency and opportunities for learning.

At JCAPCPL, we believe that our people are our competitive edge.

If you have the passion for excellence and seek a fulfilling career, send us your resume at communication@jcapcpl.com